simple saturday…



i would like to introduce you all to my new favorite place. my town’s saturday morning farmer’s market.

after rolling out of my bed at 7am this morning, a group of friends travelled a few miles down the road to be greeted by nothing but fresh flowers, produce, and perfect weather.


we have a b e a u t i f u l little downtown area less than 10 minutes from our campus. the architecture of the buildings get me every time. this little town is so photo-shoot worthy.


those strawberries were gorgeous and so incredibly sweet.



photo 3

can you tell what my favorite thing at the market is? flowers of course. i truly wish i could have taken every single long stemmed friend home today.


speaking of flowers, this is my new florist friend, tom. he is truly a genius. who would ever think a tough looking man like this could create such beautiful bouquets? he created this breath taking one for me this morning for a simple 5 dollar bill. (below) it made every part of me smile and i truly can’t stop looking at these flowers. thanks tom.




lastly, i just had to take this little guy home. i’ve always loved the look of succulents, here’s to hoping i won’t kill this one.


so so happy to be surrounded by beautiful green things today. i escaped with some organic spinach and strawberries (organic green shake anyone?) along with my plant friends.

oh, my dear farmer’s market. i am falling so deeply in l o v e with you. see you next saturday.


One thought on “simple saturday…

  1. Hey Lauren ~

    I’m in the midst of doing a little series on blogging and wanted you to know that you are one of 5 bloggers whose work I honored this week …

    ‘There’s a lovely uncrowded spaciousness, a distinct lack of visual overstimulation, an expansive lightness that allows these oasis crafters’ messages to shine front and center.’

    Have a restful weekend …

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