You Won Me Over

photo (1)We all know what time it is…

As we stroll the aisles of almost every retail store this week, we are bombarded by swarms of pink, candy hearts, and large stuffed creatures. Yes sisters, we have come to the arrival of Valentine’s Day. Everything about our day today will remind us of this holiday. As you scroll various social media websites, you may become intoxicated by the copious amounts of “I Love You” shout-outs and pictures of gorgeous bouquets.  Pretty overwhelming isn’t it? Especially for one who doesn’t have that “special someone”.


We all have an idea of what our dream relationship looks like.  The stereotypical relationship of “yes dears” and walks along the sunset. He brings you flowers and wins you that teddy bear at the fair. You share a soda..with two straws of course. He throws pebbles at your window and begs you to come outside. Do you catch my drift? We all wish to be romanced. We all desire to be swept off our feet. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to be romanced by your Heavenly Father?


Yes, you read that right. What would it be like to fall in love with Jesus Christ? Not only fall in love with Him and His word, but allow Him to completely shower you with His embrace and love.


I can honestly say that it is an indescribable experience. Waking up every single morning to open His word turned into opening a love letter written just for me, written from the One who loved me first. Reading these words in Song Of Solomon truly changed my idea of the love the Father has for us.

“Arise, my love, my beautiful one, and come away. O my dove, in the clefts of the rock, in the crannies of the cliff, let me see your face, let me hear your voice, for your voice is sweet and your face is lovely.” Song of Solomon 2:10,14

He is calling for you! He desires for you to spend time with Him! Just as “quality time” is one of the 5 love languages for a solid relationship, it also applies in your relationship with Christ! He wishes to see your face and hear your voice! My dear sister, He is calling for you! Like a suitor throwing pebbles at a window, He is longing for you to simply spend some time with Him. So go and do it. Don’t wait another minute. Ask Him to show you how much He loves you today.

During the beginning stages of any relationships, there is always a time period in which the man is trying to win over the woman. He will dress his best, present her will gifts, compliment her, and everything else he can to romance her. This week, I have been listening to Audrey Assad’s song “Won Me Over” constantly. I love how, like a relationship, it reminds us of that one special time when we first decided to follow Him. We had reached the point of breaking and we had no where else to wander. We ran towards His open arms and situated ourselves in the middle of His amazing embrace. Don’t let it be a one time event. Don’t allow that experience to be sacred to the “once a year” holiday. Run to Him everyday! Cling to everything He is and everything He promises.

“I was full of fear and prone to wander,
lost & lonely till the day You won me over, You won me over
I was halfway gone and going nowhere
Half alive until the day You won me over, You won me over, over.” 

Now, I have not come here today to talk against relationships. If the Lord has placed an amazing man in your life, p r a i s e Him! Pray for that man! Pray that every moment he may love the Lord far more than He could ever love you. Pray that your relationship would reflect the love of Christ. Pray that even in midst of your relationship, the Lord may continue to romance you with His word and promises. And ultimately pray for purity. The enemy will creep into every corner and try to destroy the beautiful innocence.

If the Lord has not placed this man in your life at the moment, p r a i s e Him! Pray for the man the Lord has coming! Embrace this time of stillness and singleness before you. The Lord can teach you so much during this time. This is your time to get lost and wander in His midst.

This Valentine’s Day, I invite you all to think the unique love that the Father has shown all of us. Don’t get caught up in a cheap imitation of what the world thinks love is. It is not a bouquet of flowers, it is not a box of chocolate, or even a sparkly stone on your finger. L O V E is our Savior coming to the world and sacrificing Himself for us.


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